Friday, June 18, 2010

Libraries, objects and styles, oh my!

Even after working with the program for a while, I knew I had more to learn about InDesign, but Andrea Heser from the Arizona Republic opened my eyes to many, many tips and tricks to make publications more polished and professional. I can save lots of time this fall by creating libraries for the commonly used elements we need, instead of having students try to copy and paste from a previous issue. Styles, palettes, and objects were clearly explained.
Donna Fishel
Willard HS
Willard, MO


  1. Andrea Heser was an amazing presenter she showesd many great tricks to InDesign like aligning text to baseline, paste into, and more. If you are new to InDesign or a veteran there are many sites to get more tips.

    Here is one she suggested to help with your learning.

    1. I just discovered this kind post! Thank you so much for the comments. I am so glad that you were able to gain some great tips to share with your students.
      InDesign has grown to be even more powerful than ever! I now art direct a digital weekly magazine for the Arizona Republic that is published on the iPad. I design with the interactive functions of InDesign now.

      And Brent, did you join your local InDesign User Group? I post about 1-2 tips a week on the PHXIDUG Facebook page.