Monday, June 14, 2010

Jesse James

Today we got a (theoretically/hopefully) random topic assignment to practice story mapping.

Our group got Jesse James vs. Sandra Bullock. This is the (admittedly chaotic) result:

There are definitely some ideas here that could be reported on by my student journalists.

I have pretty strong feelings about what I see as the total oversaturation of entertainment media reporting as a substitute for actual news. The original (famous) Jesse James was a famous outlaw...maybe infamous is a better term? The current one is just a shallow, tattooed jerk who is only famous because of reality TV.

Zach Anderson
(aka Monsieur Pantalons Inteligents)
Indian River HS - Philadelphia, NY


  1. Some excellent topic ideas came out of this exercise, and I know I will definitely incorporate mapping into my curriculum. Even if you don't care for the oversaturation of media reporting, it can be an excellent bridge to ideas for student articles.

    Jamalee Moret
    Alhambra High School
    Phoenix, AZ

  2. I like how the story-mapping technique lets you move students from a silly celebrity story to something relevant to a news organization's followers. Inventive photo. I like how you centered it within the text.

    Steve Elliott
    Arizona State University