Sunday, June 20, 2010

InDesign Training

Sorry no fancy title on this one. I wanted to post a review of the Intermediate/Advanced class of the InDesign class for advisers that were not able to attend in person.

Andrea Hesner is an amazing designer and a very patient instructor when it comes to teaching a room full of high school advisers.

Libraries, Styles, Object Styles and some quick Tips were the subjects covered in the session.  Libraries are amazing time saver if there are items that you use over and over again. Some suggestions given were byline libraries, mutliple layout configurations, masthead, etc..  Here is a little something I created to help you create libraries. enjoy.

Here is the link to the group that Andrea talked about. If there is not a group close by you might want to start one up.

Indesign Users Group:

Brent Manuel
Pleasant Valley High
Chico, Calif.

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