Monday, June 21, 2010

HS Journalism Law

The Student Press Law Center showed up today and Frank LoMonte could well be called a myth-buster as he spent a whirlwind three hours dragging us through his legal world. Each minute seemed packed with something I didn't know about high school journalism and the law, the first amendment, copyright, fair-use. plagiarism, et al. Much more than you want to know in way to little time. The best part of his tour was the fact that he and the SPLC are available to answer any question we might have with a please don't hesitate to call attitude. My heroes!

As a newbie journalism teacher I now know I have a legal lifeline and I know what policies and procedures to look for. With all the support I've had to date I wonder if I will be creating policies for the first time for the disrict. This would add a real level of professionalism to the coursework and provide a sense of responsibility to the students.

JH Appel
Chaparral HS
Chaparral, NM

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