Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot, Hot, Cool Down!

It was a fun, warm and action packed day at the institute today. It started early with videotaping the catering crew in the hot kitchen at Taylor Place. Then, it was on to instruction on ethics (always hot) by Steve Elliott. After a short break, Christopher Callahan, Dean of the Institute (dark shirt) paid us a visit to talk about instruction for high school and college journalists to prepare them for the future. For lunch it was back to Taylor Place where we had teen age competition for the lunch bar. Alan Weintraut, 2006 Dow Jones Teacher of the Year (white “short sleeve” shirt), gave us instruction on grading and other assessment tools. We were treated to a video game/forum/dinner event in the First Amendment Forum area where Dean Callahan was available for “informal” discussions regarding our story assignments. Then, it was on to a viewing of “All the President’s Men,” a movie I enjoyed way back when I was young. Am I dating myself?

Clarence D. Hooker
Hinds Agricultural High School
Utica, Miss.

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  1. First off, Clarence, if you date yourself, who pays?
    Seriously, I was living in northern Virginia at the time of the Watergate break-in. I had never seen the movie from start to finish, but the movie helped me recall hearing about the events when I was in high school. I think that yesterday was a true earning experience,too.
    Jodie Schommer
    Lakeside Lutheran High School
    Lake Mills, Wis