Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great visit to a great newspaper

Friday’s visit and tour of the Arizona Republic newspaper was thrilling and informative. This really made my day and week.

The building itself is a marvel! It is modern and undergoing change which, in some ways, reflects changes in the news industry. The sounds and sights of construction were evident from the time you entered the front door and throughout the first few floors of the building.

The local NBC television affiliate is moving into the building to share facilities with the paper. This would be true multimedia! The paper and television could surely make it easier to share resources and the new technologies being physically close.

Journalist Eric Johnson (pictured, far left) who trains college journalism interns for the paper explains the program to our group. He says the program has benefitted the paper and the interns through the partnership.

The news team (leader pictured) held their daily news meeting for our benefit in a special room to accommodate us. We learned about how this team gathers news, prioritizes stories and places them in the paper. We looked, listened, and asked questions near the end of the meeting.

It was so good to see such polished, highly skilled professionals at work!

Clarence D. Hooker
Hinds Agricultural High School
Utica, Miss.


  1. It was a fabulous visit, and everyone was extremely gracious and willing to answer questions. It made my day/week as well. As a Phoenix resident and subscriber to the AZ Republic, I enjoyed meeting the people who are attached to the names I see in the paper on a regular basis. Thank you!

    Jamalee Moret
    Alhambra High School

  2. Amazing building. Busy newsroom. Filled desks. All good, but without the staff filling that building and managing the newsrooms and filling those desks, nothing would ever be published. Now, I am sure that someone hinted that we would be coming to visit The Arizona Republic, but even so, those professional staff members were informative, courteous and downright friendly.

    Several page and graphic designers took time to explain their college career paths to me when I asked. I have an amazing young lady who is just starting her search for a good school and major to match, both which she hopes will end with her designing the images and pages of the future. But what do I know?

    Now, I do... and I will take back the guidance of all those who spoke with me and share their email addresses and NewsPageDesign pages with Courtney and my guidance staff. My parents taught me not to waste an opportunity... what a great reminder of that lesson today.

    Sam Bidleman
    Bloomsburg High School
    Bloomsburg, Pa.