Monday, June 21, 2010

First day, second week

Welcome to day 1 of week 2. Frank LoMonte, Executive Director for the Student Press Law Center kept us excited all morning with law talk. What more could a group of Journalism teachers wish for. All and any question you ever had about the student press and freedom of speech. Frank share some wonderful lesson plans for students to become informed about the student press, nothing like first hand knowledge. He also gave us an overview of Tinker, 1969 and Hazelwood, 1988. In addition to translating the findings and how it will directly effect what takes place in our classroom. He even made a super plea for teachers using My HSJ for their online publications, we didn't know about third parties servers. In between Frank's great jokes he covered a sore spot for every teacher with Google images, company logos, trademarks, movie images and DVD's covers. I must be a nerd because I could had listen to Frank LoMonte all day.
Thanks Frank for the knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Elaine Willaims
Carl F. Shuler H.S.
Cleveland, OH

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  1. I thought the presentation was great also! I wish all law lessons were this fun :)