Friday, June 18, 2010

Finding a better way to find AP guidelines

With a busy life, any adviser would be happy to find a program that makes his or her life easier. That is why I was excited when I found out about being able to purchase and use the AP Stylebook online. Anything that makes that book easier to use is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!!!

Kim Isbell
Humboldt High School
Humboldt, Kan.


  1. Another resource along the same lines as Steve's "grisly/grizzly" video: there's a Flickr group called "Atrocious Apostrophes" and once my students saw the 10th photo with an unnecessary apostrophe (of over 2000 user-submitted photos), they got it and never made the mistake again. It was the only way I could prove that people really do care about their punctuation.

    Kim Vinh
    Sequoia High School
    Redwood City, Calif.

  2. Thanks for the link to the apostrophes photos. I'm looking forward to torturing my students with it in August!
    Sarah Geyer
    South-Doyle High School
    Knoxville, TN