Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashionistas in Phoenix

So, for those of you who may be concerned about being fashionable in the heat/chilling ac contrast temps, here is an article for you!

Really, a scarf for 115-degree summer days

On another note, I genuinely feeling out of my element...I have never taken a journalism class or a photography course of any kind. In college I did photography the old-fashioned way with chemicals in a dark room for the yearbook and newspaper, but I have to admit all those numbers thrown out today about cameras went whooshing over my head.

However, I did catch the concern in Rob Schumacher's concern when he said there is "a drought of photo journalists" as many are leaving the business. I also found it interesting that 42% of the web traffic on the AZ Republic website is from the still photography, wow! The power of a good photo is still there, and I can teach my students some of the basics including the importance of background setting, getting the entire body (feet included), avoid mid-day shots, move close the the subject matter, and so much more. Rob said, "Still photography will hold its own, with or without sound."

A photo is definitely worth a 1000 words and maybe more. His photos certainly were, and I did enjoy the show.

Jamalee Moret
Alhambra High School
Phoenix, AZ


  1. I too found the 42% statistic very encouraging. We just went online this year and found that what really drew students in were the photos and slideshows of campus events. They more than doubled our hits for the website.

    Lisa Edmisten
    Woodcreek High School
    Roseville, CA

  2. Same here. Photo slideshows, video clips and political cartoons seem to get higher viewer hits than most articles. Does that reflect how much more visual our kids are becoming or that it's just a more attractive medium?