Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Capturing the guru

I absolutely love being a photographer at times because I often wish I could have done more or pursued a carrer in photo jounralism.
So it was with great excitement that I viewed everyone's creative takes on photographing Len Downie today. Some of you had amazing shots and I learned so much from your creativity.
It meant much to me that some of you liked my photo of Len. I shot so many frames - maybe 20 or so- because I did not feel satisfied with what I had shot. I almost became so engrossed in shooting that I had to force myself back to my pen and paper!
Rob Schumacher's advice on Tuesday to think in advance and to be patient really is something I will always remember- especially after seeing his awesome results.
Keep shooting everyone!

Kellie Wagner
Hartford Journalism & Media Academy
Hartford, Conn.

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  1. P.S. That is career. It is LATE!

    Kellie Wagner
    Hartford, Conn.