Saturday, June 19, 2010

AP Stylebook on Facebook

I forgot to mention Friday that Facebook has an AP Stylebook page with information on style points and updates. It's wildly popular (one recent post has more than 2,000 comments). I just searched for "stylebook."

Here are links to sites I mentioned yesterday:
And here are links to some of my favorite grammar/style/usage resources:
  • Common Errors in English Usage (a great listing of stuff that drives me nuts)
  • Garner's Modern American Usage (This actually is just a book, and it conflicts with AP style on a few points, including the serial comma. But it explains a lot and has loads of examples, including common errors. This is by far the best usage book I own _ and I own a lot of them. The 2009 edition will costs around $30 on Amazon and But you can get the 2003 edition used via Amazon for as little as $6 plus shipping.)
  • Garner's Usage Tip of the Day (Highlights one entry in the book above. It's free. Signing up is a bit tricky. First, you enter your e-mail to get access to the list of e-mail updates available from Garner's publisher. Then you select Tip of the Day. I've been on it for years and have never been spammed because of it.)
Now I need to ask Bracinda for permission to use her stylebook session shot as my Facebook profile picture.

Steve Elliott
Arizona State University

P.S. If someone from the advanced InDesign session could post more about that national users group Andrea Heser mentioned and perhaps provide a link (I didn't get the name or URL), I'm sure everyone would benefit. For those who were in Alan's section, I have a tip sheet Andrea created.

P.S. II. I encourage you to link off to more information in your blog posts. Links are a nice value add and quite common in blogs.

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