Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headlines, Headaches, and Heading South

Hello everyone, I am currently in the throes of administering final exams to 135 high school students who would rather be outside in the sunshine. My newspaper staff has dotted its last i and crossed the last t in the final (30th) issue of this year's school paper. (Listen for a huge sigh of relief from all of us). The last 15 pages of the yearbook should (and that that's a huge should) be finished by this Friday, May 28th. On Thursday, June 10th I will take my final final exam for my masters degree and on Sunday will head down Arizona way to re-energize my brain, all in grateful thanks to the Reynolds Institute. I hope to get the student paper on-line next year, so I was excited to hear about all the varied projects we get to do. I am especially looking forward to talking with everyone about meeting deadlines, as my newspaper and yearbook are not a class so there is no grade involved. Any ideas out there???


  1. Wow, Jodie! Reading your post and all that's currently on your plate makes ME exhausted! I can't believe newspaper and yearbook are not classes! Good luck on your final final exam and I, too, look forward to meeting you when we finally get to ASU! Whoo hoo!

  2. That's the way my spring is going, too. Preparing for the institute, an on-line class, revamping all my lesson plans and objectives for a school-wide collection, and dealing with getting the National Boards Certification process while wrapping up the end of the year. I finish the 11th, pack my bags and am in Phoenix the 13th. Actually, I think the institute will be relaxing after another 2 weeks like the last one. We'll see. Nunn